Hands-on RCx training helps DoD staff learn best practices and save O&M costs

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With hundreds of buildings located through out the US and abroad, the US Army Corps of Engineers realized the need to train the DoD O&M staff in hands-on retro-commissioning and best practices.


To help USACE with it’s weeklong practicum, Pundir Group helped:

  • Develop training for “RCx Initial Assessments” and “Follow-On Investigations.”
  • Train staff over a one week covering core competencies: field investigation, functional tests, and sequences analyses and savings calculations

Final Results

The DoD staff was able to leverage Pundir Group’s expertise in RCx. Army engineers and facilities staff gained hands-on experience, learned best practices and established a network of “Peer” Energy and Managers who could help and learn from each other to improve energy efficiency and equipment lifecycle in their installations.

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