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Pundir Group retro-commissioned several high-energy consuming facilities (e.g. data center, classrooms, office buildings and a library) on an aging DoD campus. The buildings experienced frequent equipment breakdowns and climate control issues affecting employee comfort and productivity.


As part of an in-depth retro-commissioning process Pundir Group:
– Conducted interviews with facility occupants and O&M staff.
– Performed a systematic and in-depth analysis of all building systems and operations.
– Analyzed consumption and operational data and compared to industry standards.

Final Results

Functional tests and data analysis revealed significant inefficiencies in sequencing of chillers and air handling units.
Poor insulation on heat exchangers, steam and hot water lines.
Leaking valves and malfunctioning actuators

Pundir Group provided actionable recommendations, assisted in implementation, trained staff and provided a smooth hand-off resulting in:
– Energy savings of over 20%
– Eliminating over 280 metric tons of CO2
– Eliminating comfort issues and improved productivity

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