PGI retro-commissioned several high-energy consuming facilities (e.g. data center, classrooms, office buildings and a library) on an aging DoD campus. PGI completed the following:

• Conducted interviews with facility to assess comfort and other human interface issues.
• Conducted a systematic and in-depth analysis of all building systems and operations; assessed whether they were operating as intended.
• Analyzed energy consumption and operational data and compared to industry standards.

• Test results revealed significant inefficiencies in sequencing of chillers and air handling units.
• Poor insulation on heat exchangers, steam and hot water lines.
• Leaking valves and malfunctioning actuators

Project deliverables included actionable recommendations, implementation assistance and staff training and hand-off, including:
• Achieved energy savings of over 20%
• Eliminated over 280 metric tons of CO2
• Eliminated comfort issues and improved productivity