PGI provided continuous commissioning services at the GSA Wiley Building in College Park, Maryland. This effort required working closely with the National Capital Region and the building O&M staff to ensure mechanical equipment and systems operated efficiently and the building occupants operated in a comfortable and productive work environment. Over the years, several O&M, energy efficiency and equipment lifecycle improvement opportunities were identified and implemented, including:

• Ensuring optimal AHU economizer operation to enable free cooling by ensuring that the outside air, return air and mixed air dampers operated as intended.
• Identifying leaking chilled and hot water valves on AHUs by analyzing the BAS trend data.
• Implementing free cooling using plate and frame heat exchanger to allow for the chillers to be turned off during favorable outside air temperature conditions.
• Proactively identifying and resolving issues at occupant areas outside the ASHRAE comfort range.
• Ensuring optimal chiller and boiler operating and staging strategy by comparing equipment efficiency at different loads (load curve).
• Ensuring equipment operation matched the building operating plan (BOP).
• Working closely with NCR engineers to identify projects to further optimize facility O&M costs.
• Assisting GSA staff with ION and Modbus metering review and analysis.
• Performing ongoing review of the BOPs to account for change in building occupancy, use and weather conditions.