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San Francisco Energy Ordinance: What to expect from your energy auditor?

The City of San Francisco Energy Ordinance requires an ASHRAE Level-I energy audit every five years for buildings between 10,000 and 50,000 square feet.  An ASHRAE Level-II energy audit is required for buildings greater than 50,000 square feet.  As building managers embark down the road of meeting the San Francisco Energy Ordinance, they can reference

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ASHRAE Energy Audits: What is the difference between the three audit types?

Most of you have heard about the ASHRAE Energy Audits. The ASHRAE energy audits fall into three different categories: » ASHRAE Level-I Energy Audit. » ASHRAE Level-II Energy Audit. » ASHRAE Level-III Energy Audit. In this article I will briefly explain the difference between these three energy audits. An energy audit is a review of a building’s equipment and

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Got Profit? A case for Energy Audits and Building Commissioning

I was taught there are three main levers a business can use to increase profits:  Price, Volume and Cost.  I would like to explore these levers in brief to make a case for why and where energy conservation fits into profits. Let’s talk about Price first.  As a business, how much leverage do you have

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