Building Commissioning

Pundir Group provides retro-commissioning and new building commissioning services to help its customers reduce operation & maintenance costs, enhance asset life-cycle and improve employee productivity.

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Retro-commissioning (RCx) is a systematic process for identifying less-than-optimal performance of a facility’s existing equipment and control systems. Then making necessary repairs or enhancements to save energy and costs. Retro-commissioning reduces energy usage by 16% on average.

We follow a detailed and methodical approach by involving the facility staff, occupants, building automation technicians and contractors to ensure that deficiencies identified in the commissioning process are addressed in a timely manner. This approach yields optimum facility performance.

New Building Commissioning


New Building Commissioning enforces facility and equipment plans and specifications. The commissioning process verifies contractor adherence to design requirements by ensuring collaboration between the design and construction teams. The ultimate goal is to create a comfortable and efficient building. Our experienced team verifies that all building subsystems achieve the owner’s project requirements as intended.