ASHRAE Energy Audits

ASHRAE Level-I Audit


This walk-through audit assesses a facility’s energy efficiency and provides low-cost/no-cost energy savings recommendations.  A brief walk through of the facility is conducted and an analysis of energy usage and costs is performed.

The City of San Francisco requires an ASHRAE Level-I Audit for all buildings between 10,000 and 49,999 square feet.

ASHRAE Level-II Audit


Adequate for most buildings, this audit includes a more detailed building survey and energy analysis. The audit report will include a breakdown of energy usage. The audit identifies and provides the cost-benefit analysis of all practical measures that meet the owner’s constraints and economic criteria. It also provides a list of capital-intensive improvements that require thorough data collection and analysis, along with an initial estimate of potential costs and savings.

The City of San Francisco requires an ASHRAE Level-II Audit for all buildings greater than 50,000 square feet.

ASHRAE Level-III Audit


This audit focuses on potential capital-intensive projects identified during a ASHRAE Level-II audit and involves more detailed field data gathering and engineering analysis. It provides detailed project costs and savings information with a high level of confidence sufficient for major capital investment decisions.