• Big Data Analytics2


The Navy Supply Systems Command wanted to sustain and modernize Navy Business Intelligence Services to increase functionality and improve self-serve capabilities as well as update security accreditation.


To meet Navy’s requirements, Pundir Group:

  • Added new data sources to NBIS
  • Simultaneously maintained and enhanced NBIS, to help transition to shared platform
  • Developed an automatic identity management system for better user provisioning
  • Transitioned current Authority to operate from the latest Risk Management Framework


Extensive knowledge/experience in areas of: ERP systems integration, IBM PureData analytics (NETEZZA) platform, SAS, COGNOS, dash-boarding, performance measure development and data analytics.

Final Results

NAVSUP BSC continued to provide business intelligence to its Navy customers without interruption, while concurrently modernizing NBIS and updating its security documentation (RMF accreditation requirements are completed and full certification is pending).  With each enhancement, Navy-wide customers are able to make better, more informed business decisions in near-real-time.

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